FAQs - Asphalt Construction in Coffs Harbour


Coffs Asphalt is committed to offering exceptional and long lasting asphalt construction projects, maintenance and repair work to small and medium sized clients in the Coffs Harbour region.

We work with domestic and small business clients to deliver the outcomes they are looking for, exceeding their expectations with our hard work and superior materials.

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about our business:

Will you be able to provide a scope, detailed solutions and budget if I need a new car park constructed?

Yes, Coffs Asphalt specialises in car park construction. We will be happy to send one of our experts to your location. They will meet with you, assess your property and talk about your needs. Then we provide a detailed price and timetable quote outlining the work our team will do. We can show you how your structure will look when the construction is complete!

What causes asphalt to break down?

Asphalt breaks down at a slow rate from the moment it is laid down. This is due to exposure to the sun, rain and wear and tear it experiences over time. The more foot and car traffic on asphalt, the quicker it will break down. Water can also cause problems, especially when it enters the base of the pavement, this can result in cracking.

The positive news is that asphalt is relatively easy and affordable to maintain and repair. Annual maintenance is a negligible cost and available through our business. Our overlay and patchwork services are also manageable within most budgets which means you can keep your asphalt in great shape for years.

How long before I can drive on new asphalt?

The length of time before you can use your new asphalt driveway or car park depends on numerous factors. In most instances you can walk on it after 24 hours. We typically recommend that customers wait 48 to 72 hours - or longer - before driving on the surface.