Road maintenance in Coffs Harbour


During asphalt road construction outside — Coffs Asphalt in Bonville, NSW
Coffs Asphalt is your experienced in-situ stabilisation specialist. Backed by more than 15 years’ experience, our team provides rehabilitation for city and rural roads throughout Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas.

What is in-situ stabilisation?

In-situ stabilisation is the process of restoring a damaged road through the use of recycled materials. Not only is this quicker than repaving the road from scratch, it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

There are various benefits of in-situ stabilisation. These include:
  • Strengthens existing surface
  • Reduces construction time/lane closures
  • Reduced material use
  • Re-uses existing materials
  • Reduces landfill
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Two-coat bitumen seal


This is a process whereby the surface is sprayed with bitumen which has a waterproofing effect, followed by a second coat of aggregate. The aggregate size depends on the intended use of the surface. As there are so many different types of bitumen, spray rates and aggregate sizes are usually specified by the contractor or engineer in order to meet council requirements. Overall, it depends on a combination of traffic volume, life expectancy and the original surface type.
Two-coat bitumen seal is the affordable alternative to brand new paving and is ideal for rural driveways.

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