Asphalt In-Situ Stabilisation and 2 Coat Bitumen Seal Services in Coffs Harbour


During asphalt road construction outside — Coffs Asphalt in Bonville, NSW
Soil stabilisation is a critical part of any paved construction project, especially when dealing with new construction or major remodelling. With soil stabilisation the goal is to pulverise and condition the moisture in the soil by mixing in several binders, while conducting compaction and trimming as needed.
When soil stabilisation is done correctly it results in better characteristics for an impending construction project. If you are considering laying down a new driveway, walkway, crossover, car park or similar structure, it is very helpful to stabilise the soil first.

2 Coat Bitumen Seal

This is a combination whereby the surface is firstly sprayed with bitumen which has a waterproofing effect, followed by a wear coat of aggregate. The aggregate size will depend on the intended use of the surface. As there are so many different types of bitumen, spray rates as well as aggregate sizes, they are usually specified by the contractor or engineer in order to meet certain requirements. It all depends on the traffic volume, the life expectancy plus the type of surface it started off as.

Long Term Stability


The idea of any construction involving asphalt is to provide longevity and performance. Asphalt driveways, walkways and other structures remain in place for decades, requiring no more than a little maintenance or overlays. Soil stabilisation helps to ensure that is the case.

Stable soil improves the moisture content, strength, density, shrink-swell characteristics and other factors in the soil. It means that when the professionals at Coffs Asphalt lay down asphalt for your driveway or crossover, it's a flawless operation that results in a stable, solid structure that will remain in place for a long time to come.

Many clients who do not carry out soil stabilisation find they are not happy with the way their driveway or walkway performs after construction. While it may remain in place for a few years, eventually they begin to notice severe cracks and imperfections, along with a general unevenness to the area. Those problems can be avoided on your property by first conducting soil stabilisation.

Proper Safety Precautions


Att Coffs Asphalt the whole team understands the importance of safety and following procedures when conducting in-situ soil stabilisation. Everyone at our company is trained in safe road construction. We follow the safe working methods and other regulations set out for workplace health and safety in Australia. We always use the highest quality machines and materials for our work.

Blending Soils


One of the more interesting methods of soil stabilisation involves in-situ stabilisation. It is named as such because it consists of applying the stabilising agent into the soil without removing it. That kind of technology allows for improving soils that have deep foundations, shallow foundations or some contamination.

The issue with in-situ stabilisation is that some professionals are not aware of the correct methods and materials to use. It's not as simple as adding a few ingredients into the soil and hoping that will do the job. It involves planning the design mix based on the characteristics of the soil at your site and knowledge of the local area and climate.

When you choose Coffs Asphalt you are tapping into all our knowledge and experience. Most of our tradesmen have more than a decade of experience in the industry, laying down asphalt driveways and performing soil stabilisation beforehand. We will ensure the stabilisation is done flawlessly on your property before laying down your asphalt driveway or other structure!