Road repairs in Coffs Harbour


At Coffs Asphalt, our skilled team provide overlays and patchwork for commercial, rural and council clients. Like all surfaces, asphalt deteriorates over time. However, by applying a new layer of asphalt to the existing surface, it’s an effective solution that’s much quicker than tearing it all up and starting again.

We overlay roads of any size and in varying conditions. If the road has excessive damage such as potholes, deep cracks and rutting, our pavers will mill the existing surface first. With more than 15 years’ combined industry experience, our expert team will repair and restore the road in a timely manner. Our overlay process involves the following four steps:
  • Assessment
  • Milling (if required)
  • Base repair
  • Surface overlay
Not every asphalt surface qualifies for an overlay so contact our team today to arrange an assessment.



If the road is functional aside from a few potholes or cracks, we also provide a quick patchwork service. By using top of the line asphalt, potholes and cracks are filled effectively—making the road safe again. Ring us today for a free, no-obligation quote.