Asphalt Overlays & Patchwork in Coffs Harbour



Asphalt Overlaying

Asphalt overlays are a crucial aspect of maintaining and improving on existing asphalt surfaces which may be worn down over time. It's an affordable and quick method of reviving a driveway, walkway, road or other type of asphalt structure. The asphalt overlay is done by paving a new layer of hot mix asphalt material with an asphalt paving machine.

Since there are two layers of asphalt, it is necessary to apply a binder such as a tack or SS-1h, which can serve as the glue to bind the two layers together. When done by the professionals at Coffs Asphalt the result will be spectacular. We ensure all asphalt overlaying work is done thoroughly and on budget.

There was a time when asphalt repairs consisted of removing the existing asphalt and installing an entirely new surface. While that is still an option in extreme cases, asphalt overlaying has taken over in the majority of repair and renovation scenarios.

While the overlay is not a permanent solution, it will buy you several years at a minimum for a very modest cost. It's even possible to overlay asphalt on concrete surfaces, in specific circumstances.

When choosing asphalt overlay services, it's pivotal to go with a service provider who knows exactly what they're doing. At Coffs Asphalt we use the highest quality mixes and machinery to ensure your overlay is done to perfection. Our tradesmen have solid experience and expertise handling that kind of work, so they will not commit any costly mistakes on the job.

Asphalt Patchwork


Driveway extension — Coffs Asphalt in Bonville, NSW
Asphalt is a very durable and cost-effective surface for driveways, walkways, crossovers, car parks and other structures. However, asphalt structures will deteriorate over time, this is a consequence of the material being used. Being constantly exposed to water, sunlight and wear and tear from road and foot traffic, it is inevitable it will start to wear down and crack over time.
The good news is that the wear and tear happens very slowly, especially compared to concrete surfaces. Even when it does deteriorate, asphalt patchwork is an option for repairing the damage. We can fill potholes, perform mill and heat patching, deal with drainage and water repairs or completely reconstruct the asphalt surface. The extent of services required will depend on the state of your asphalt. If you have several small or large cracks throughout the surface an overlay may be the best option. When there are only a few cracks or imperfections, patchwork is the ideal solution. In extreme circumstances a complete reconstruction is necessary.
Regardless of the service you need we promise to deliver on budget and promptly. We will always inform you of the best option for your situation, regardless of how it may impact our business. We care about providing our customers with what they need, even if that's the cheaper option.
You can trust the asphalt professionals at Coffs Asphalt to handle all patchwork at domestic and small business sites in the Coffs Harbour area.